FCTG is committed to ensuring our Diversity & Inclusion program is forward-thinking, industry-leading and thought-provoking. Gender Equality - represented as our Womenwise program - is one of our six Diversity & Inclusion pillars.

Womenwise was established in 2015 by a group of Flight Centre’s senior female leaders to inspire all women by showcasing opportunity, providing role models and offering structured support to create gender balance in all leadership teams across FCTG.


FCTG’s global workforce is 75% female and we have a network of strong, fierce women leading our businesses around the world.

Womenwise recognises the achievements of women through, what it calls, ‘The 4 C’s’: Celebrate, Connect, Collaborate, and Create Change.

Celebrate being wonderful women at FCTG
Connect with each other (those we know and those we don’t)
Collaborate and share ideas
Create change!

Throughout the year, Womenwise offers a forum for women to connect and engage via various opportunities, including regional ‘Town Hall’ events, movie nights, panel discussions and walking groups.

The year culminates with the annual Womenwise conference; an FCTG funded event in celebration of the company’s women. Now in its fifth year, the event cements the company’s commitment to fostering gender diversity and tackling the issues associated with achieving equality in the workplace. Previous guest speakers have included former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and world champion surfer, Layne Beachley.

Global footprint

Womenwise is now a truly global movement with Womenwise chapters operating across FCTG’s businesses in Australia, The Americas, UAE, South Africa and Asia with Mexico to follow in 2020.
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Expanding our reach

In 2019 we expanded on our promise to engage and inspire our own women, and hosted our first ever external event where we shared the methods we harness to develop our own successful leaders. The Womenwise Leadership Summit is facilitated by a host of in-house, world-class leadership development specialists and the senior leaders at the forefront of FCTG’s most innovative brands. As a career development day it promises to support middle managers looking to leap forward and future-proof their career.

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