Jacqui Hampton and Taryn Skinner

Jacqui Hampton and Taryn Skinner

A successful job-share duo. We share everything, including our clients.

What is your flexible arrangement with FCTG? 

We work 3 days a week as a 0.5 FTE at Flight Centre Macarthur Square. Jacqui works the first half of the week, we overlap on a Wednesday and then Taryn works the last half of the week.

How does a job-share work? 

We share everything, including our clients. We work together on a Wednesday so use this time to debrief via our Weekly Business Meeting (WBM) and catch up with the other leaders of the business too.

What are the benefits of working flexibly for you?

Taryn - On my days off I enjoy being able to switch off knowing that Jacqui is looking after our business. Our working styles are quite different in some parts yet also similar in many ways so we complement each other really well, so much so that we operate a successful team while only working 3 days a week. We also have the support of our leaders which makes all the difference.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to job share?

Jacqui - My advice would be to find someone that has the same values as you regarding customers, the same expectations for the team and minimum standards for the way the office is run. Even though Taryn and I are different I believe our differences help us work effectively together. You also need to have a lot of trust in that person and not be afraid to say what you mean or take on the other person’s views and feedback

Taryn and I were colleagues, then friends before we started our job share arrangement so we were trained by the same TL and we’ve been through many Flight Centre changes together. I wouldn’t recommend jumping in this role with just anyone and to be honest, it won’t work for everyone but it’s worth exploring.

What are some of the challenges you have job sharing?

Jacqui – I’m not sure if we have had any challenges job sharing, Taryn could have another opinion! In the beginning It was challenging for the staff to wrap their heads around what days we were in and what to advise our clients, but eventually after lots of conversations and persistence everyone is fully aware of our roles as job share.

Taryn - I think at first we were a bit nervous about sharing clients, thinking ‘what if one is getting all the bookings and the other not so much’ however that quickly left as we are very similar in work ethic. We are mums. We are here to lead a team, book clients and in turn get paid well for what we do. If we are leaving the kids for three days a week we want to make it worth it and as we are both in the same boat it has worked so well.

I also believe that job-sharing isn't for everyone, especially the client side of it. If you have worked with someone before and know how they work then it is about being open and honest and having great conversations about both of your expectations. Have a goal and work toward it.

Jacqui Hampton and Taryn Skinner


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