Zahrah Roush

Zahrah Roush

Having started working for Flight Centre at 19 years old, Zahrah has spent almost 20 years growing up with the company!
"Creating connections with women in our business"

During these years she has worked in various leadership roles, including as an Area Leader where her area was recognised as most profitable globally.

Today, Zahrah works in the corporate business as the FCM Product Leader for Australia; a role that sees her drive the product strategy and supplier relations for the brand.

As is the general occupational hazard at FCTG, Zahrah always has the next holiday or travel plan booked in and loves nothing more than sharing these experiences with her family (including husband Dave and two sons, 7 years and 5 years).In her personal time and in between holidays and travel abroad, Zahrah takes her passion and creativity into other avenues and considers herself a member of the F45 and Thermomix “cults”!

As a natural networker, Zahrah’s speciality is about creating connections with women in our business and she feels strong that it is these new connections that will help the women in our business flourish.

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