Stacey Seeto

Stacey Seeto

- AMBASSADOR - Stacey Seeto has been with Flight Centre Travel Group for over 17 years.

In her early years, she moved through the ranks of our Ticket Centre Business, from Team Leader to FTL and Area Leader before ultimately leading this brand. Her current role is Business Leader of Global Air Buying and she is the first women to run this business; an achievement she has thrived on

Stacey has always been extremely passionate about customer service. She was involved with the change management of Tartas to Oasis (Ticketing Systems) and was also involved in rolling this FCTG product out globally.

One of her Team Members commented

Stacey is an extraordinary leader who has always followed and embraced the FCTG Philosophies, in business, profit, people, processes and teamwork. She is a tough leader and gets the job done well.
Ticket Centre always had the lowest turnover in staff because people love to follow Stacey.

Stacey’s happy personality is infectious and she is always the first one to wish you a good morning as you walk in the office each and every day.

We asked Stacey to share some insights.

What is your favourite FCTG Philosophy and why?


The dictionary defines being irreverent as quite a negative trait... “showing no respect for people and things generally considered important”.

But for me, being irreverent can be viewed as a compliment. Being irreverent allows me to question tradition, challenge why we do things the way we do and to not be respectful without reason. I believe we are given permission to be cutting edge and not be afraid to buck trends. Yes, we will always take our business seriously but not ourselves. Being irreverent allows us to be real, prophetic and passionate and not just accept the status quo.

What is your favourite quote for inspiring women?

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel
Maya Angelou
Stacey Seeto

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