Sandra Cavallin

Sandra Cavallin

Starting in FCTG over 20 years ago, Sandra’s role is currently General Manager, Travel Associates Australia.

Sandra is not a woman to shy away from a challenge. In fact, she has moved brands, businesses and even states to follow her amazing FCTG Career. She has never said no when asked to rise to the challenge and each time she has done so, she’s taken it on with expertise, energy, compassion and enthusiasm.

Starting in FCTG over 20 years ago, Sandra’s role is currently General Manager, Travel Associates Australia. She has had an impact in almost every aspect of the FCTG company working in both Retail and Wholesale, leading Infinity Holidays Cruise and Rail for many years with tremendous success. She is also a mother to two wonderful children.

Sandra has been an important member of Womenwise from the very beginning. When asked at one of the early Womenwise meetings what her thoughts were around ensuring we had more women in senior roles some of her key strategies were:

  1. Shout about women’s successes
  2. Be more confident
  3. Take more risks
  4. Female role models
Equipping our female colleagues with these skills will give them the confidence that they have the knowledge and ability to compete with their male colleagues for those higher roles.

Sandra has been an important role model to so many women within this company we couldn’t miss an opportunity to ask her:

What is your favourite FCTG Philosophy and Why?

Egalitarianism & Unity

This is a favourite philosophy of mine as for me, this Philosophy speaks to opportunity. From my very first day, I loved that I was treated as an equal in my team and given opportunities based on my performance. This has been consistent across my FCTG career. It's about empowering our people, to see each other as equals and work collaboratively. Regardless of tenure or title, we have a shared approach. Our culture is one in which all voices count.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship
Sandra Cavallin

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