Miling Harpur

Miling Harpur

Miling is the Head of Sales for Corporate Traveller Australia

Miling leads a team of 65 Business Development Managers across Australia to create the strategy, drive sales results and work with the national executive team to help grow our brand.

Miling was 3 months into her maternity leave with newborn son Zeppelin when she was offered the role and, after accepting, the business held it for her for another 3 months until she was ready to return.

As a natural networker, Miling has a knack for bringing teams together and achieving results through collaboration. And while those who know her would say a career in sales is the obvious choice, it wasn’t always the intention!

“My first career was as a dietitian – I studied dietetics at uni and practiced for a few years before moving into business management for a nutrition consulting company.

“From there I did an MBA and as I’d always had a business mindset I decided to go into a sales role to business resilience and work on my influencing skills,” she recalls.

Having been both a mentee and a mentor, Miling is a valuable contributor to the Womenwise movement.

“I am motivated by being an agent for positive change so when I help a business improve, or when I help someone better themselves, I too feel like I have achieved something great."

“Learning and Health are my two core personal values so it’s a privilege to be in a leadership role at FCTG where we are all supported so holistically.”

When not motivating the women around her, Miling travels, exercises, drinks good wine and barracks for Geelong (even though she’s based in Brisbane now, she’s still a Victorian at heart!).

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