Michelle Degenhardt

Michelle Degenhardt

Michelle has the incredibly fulfilling role of managing the Flight Centre Foundation, Worldwise and our Environmental Sustainability program.

She works closely with our Peopleworks Leaders to ensure FCTG is a great place for great people to do great work.

With an ever-expanding and evolving career progression under her belt, Michelle credits saying “yes” to any opportunity as key to her colourful and rewarding career path thus far.

As a mum of two, it’s fair to say Michelle’s life revolves around her family, and coupled with friends and work it’s a nice, healthy balance.With a clear objective in mind, Michelle hopes to one day see Flight Centre leading the way as an employer of choice for young women.

“I want everyone to know that Flight Centre supports and encourages women to have successful careers as well as families."

"I want everyone to know that at Flight Centre you will succeed not in spite of being a woman but because you are a woman,” she says.

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