Kerry-Anne Walker

Kerry-Anne Walker

Some would say KAW has the best job in the entire company!

Kerry-Anne, or KAW as she is more commonly known, started her career in FCTG as an FC Brand consultant in 1993. A quarter of a century has passed and she still considers herself ‘living the dream’, working for the best company in the whole world.

After completing a bachelor of music degree and an early career in London in commodities and the financial markets, KAW started her career in FCTG as an FC Brand consultant in 1993. Back in those days all you had to do was smile big and prove that you knew where Chicago was on a map and ‘hey presto’ you had the job. After a couple of years working in both retail and corporate and three babies later, KAW ended up working in support.

She was given an opportunity to work as the CFO of Australia, a role that even today remains one of the highlights of her career. Some would say this is a big call as she has for the past 15 years been responsible for overseeing the Global Gathering; the company’s annual conference and celebration of a job well done. A most sought-after role where no two days are the same! With this role, KAW has been all over the world, worked with the most amazing people, performers and talented creative crew and some would say… has the best job going in FCTG.

KAW was one of the original committee members of Womenwise. Throughout her career, she had never felt that there had been any roadblocks as a woman to achieving her goals and had always felt equal to her male colleagues but agreed that as women we should support each other to ensure that there were equal pay and equal opportunities through all levels of any company and life in general.

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

That you are responsible for your own success’s.

My school motto was Omnia Superat Diligentia which translates to Diligence overcomes all … back then I didn’t really pay it much mind but 35 years on I know exactly what it means. Nothing comes easy, it is all about hard work.

Omnia Superat Diligentia

Blame should not come into our everyday vocabulary. We must make with what we have or create what we want. This doesn’t mean fame and fortune, which as a 16 year old girl would be difficult to believe, but rather relates to happiness. Happiness in our daily productive work life, happiness in our relationships and friendships and happiness especially in how we make others feel.

Kerry-Anne Walker

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