Kellie Carty

Kellie Carty

Kellie Carty is an experienced communications and media relations specialist, having worked in publicly listed companies for the past 12 years.

With a Journalism degree under her belt, the original plan was to follow her aspirations of being a newsreader but reality of the cut-throat world of TV set in and so she set about a life in the corporate world of Public Relations.

Kellie’s 7 years at FCTG has seen her hold various communications roles across leisure and corporate brands. Today, she oversees group-wide communication to FCTG’s 26,000 people globally, developing communication strategies for programs such as Womenwise.

With two rounds of mat leave under her belt, Kellie has experienced first-hand the highs and lows of motherhood and the balancing act that is a work/life balance. She proudly works in a flexible role that sees her spend time with her children and still remain challenged in the work environment.
When asked what she hopes to contribute to the Womenwise movement, Kellie said she wants to lead by example – both for her children (4 years and 20 months) and the women she works with.

“I would like to say my role on this committee is to act as an example that you can absolutely be in the thick of raising young kids and develop professionally at the same time.“

"The greatest contribution I can offer my children, as a mother, is to lead by example that Mummy and Daddy are equal; we operate as a team to both make a valuable contribution to our family and we respect each other.”

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