Jade Lynch

Jade Lynch

Jade started with Flight Centre in the Americas and is now the Strategic Head of Marketing for Asia, based in the Singapore office.

Jade oversees the marketing strategy in Asia focusing on sales acquisition, client retention and education. Prior to joining the team in Asia, Jade spent time with the Corporate brands in the Americas working on digital marketing before moving into a brand management role for FCM Travel Solutions.

Not many people know that Jade trained and worked as an actor before working in marketing! Reading, writing and being creative has always been Jade’s passion since her younger days, which is what led her to a degree in drama and comparative literary studies. She also grew up travelling a great deal and as such loves exploring, visiting new places and trying new things- especially food! It was a natural progression to move her creative energy into marketing within the travel industry, which has since overtaken as her number one passion. Being able to combine two of her passions into one job has been a dream.

With such a 180-degree change in career, we could not resist asking Jade:


Learn more. Challenge more. Do more.

I started out doing certain things just because that is what I was told was the right way or because that is how it had always been done. Growing up in South East Asia there was a lot that you are told as a young girl you couldn’t or shouldn’t do because that is for boys- I wish my younger self would have challenged more and I would tell her that she could do it all! I would also encourage her to learn as much as possible and take advantage of opportunities more.


My female friends who face an array of daily challenges are some of the most positive and beautiful women I know and I am grateful to have them in my life. When it comes to celebrity inspiration and admiration, I think about Venus Williams winning the Australian Open whilst pregnant. She is an astounding female athlete who is a huge advocate for equal reward and opportunity for women in sport. When it comes to my own industry, I hugely admire and look up to the female leaders in Flight Centre, especially the ones that I have had the great fortune to work for and work alongside. In particular Charlene Leiss (President of FCTG USA Corporate Brands), Alexandra De Vaux (Sales Leader for FCM in The Americas) and Amanda Vining (SME Brand Leader in the Americas). They inspired me because they work hard, they are passionate, and they also juggle family life alongside their leadership roles. They are women who personify strength, intelligence and kindness and I look up to them a great deal.

Here's to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.
Jade Lynch

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