Danielle Galloway

Danielle Galloway

- AMBASSADOR - Danielle has almost 20 years’ experience as a highly experienced General Manager in FCTG.

With a career spanning varied roles in finance and senior leadership within our corporate brands, Danielle now leads our retail Premium Leisure Brand businesses. She was personally selected to take on this new role and has been responsible for thousands of staff and hundreds of businesses.

Danielle is skilled in leadership, negotiation, budgeting and business planning, and has a strong entrepreneurship ethos and professional education behind her, holding a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), CPA and MBA in Marketing.

Profit - Is what we are proud of - This is the end result of all the hard work and performance of all of our wonderful people.

Her finance background has set her up with a solid understanding of business and as a result, she has excelled in numerous leadership roles within the FCTG group.

Dannielle has a strong passion for leadership and has developed many successful individuals and award-winning teams. The importance she places on her customers is paramount to her success and enjoyment over her career. She has created many long-lasting relationships and has a promising career as a strong inspirational senior female leader.

We wanted to know:

What is your favourite FCTG Philosophy and Why?


Profit – it’s the end result of all the hard work and performance of all of our wonderful people. The profit philosophy keeps us focused on what it is we need to do to have a profitable company and get the results for our shareholders with complete integrity. Every individual is rewarded for their contribution to our company success and is measured by profit. Our focus should always be on the lead indicators, like customer experience and the lag indicator of profit will be guaranteed!

Danielle Galloway

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