Camille Mckee

Camille Mckee

Camille leads a team of 70 people to deliver on finance and support services for the Australian business.

Camille began her accounting career as a graduate accountant at KPMG in Brisbane, working in Audit and Assurance. After obtaining her Chartered Accounting qualifications, Camille travelled to Canada where she spent 11 years working and travelling throughout North America and the UK.

After a few years spent in teaching, Camille returned to accounting in January 2017 to take on the role of GM Finance for Support Services at Flight Centre Australia.

Camille has been in this role for almost two years and leads a team of 70 people to deliver on finance and support services for the Australian business.

When Camille started her career at Flight Centre Travel Group back in 2017, she had already achieved great success in the finance industry externally. Since then she has shown her strength of character, her hard work and her desire to encourage those she leads to be the best that they can be.

Camille leads multiple teams within our Finance Back office and online businesses and with many women working in these teams, she is focused on ensuring they have the expertise and motivation to obtain their Brightness of Future. Her attention to detail is invaluable to ensuring that these many and varied businesses run seamlessly and she is truly a woman that leads by example.

True to her finance background, it is not surprising to hear Camille’s favourite FCTG Philosophy:

What is your favourite FCTG Philosophy and why?

Standard team operating systems – One best way

Our One Best Way (OBW) is not an algorithm with clearly defined and stated steps. Instead it comprises a set of best practices that determine how we manage our business. This approach ensures consistency within our 7 team systems to ensure that strategic decision making and problem solving are aligned with our purpose, our values and our goals.

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

Don't rush into launching your career. Take time to consider your options and think about what you really love doing. Do your research and don't sell yourself short. And, take a gap year before you embark on your university degree or your career to travel, do something you love or spend time with your family. You won't get the time back!

Camille Mckee

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