Caitlyn Lee

Caitlyn Lee

Women are not just here to nurture anymore, we are here to create and be equals.

Caitlyn’s face lights up at the thought of going to work everyday. “Everything excites me as I get to work with wonderful colleagues, face new challenges, gain new knowledge”. Coming from a completely different background in the logistics world before joining FCM, Caitlyn relishes in the content knowledge and new skills she gets to pick up everyday when dealing with clients as an account manager. She loves being the advisor as a travel expert throughout the partnership and also the immense satisfaction when the client achieves their goals and appreciates what she has done for them. It is not everyday that you find someone with Caitlyn’s zest for work and life in every way, so we had to ask her what drives her to champion the Womenwise cause.


If I have to name one person, it would be my grandmother. She single-handedly brought up five children during a time when war and chaos was a constant in their lives. Being a single mother in the 1940s with five children is a struggle. But she brought them up healthy, educated and independent.


For society to realise that women are not just there to nurture anymore. We are here to create and be equals.

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