Allisa O'Connell

Allisa O'Connell

- AMBASSADOR - One of the most senior leaders in Australia SWOT, now leading the Infinity Group Business.

Starting in our Ticket Centre Brand more than 30 years ago, Allisa has shown her passion and dedication to each and every business she’s been part of.

She is currently one of the most senior leaders in Australia SWOT leading the Infinity Group Business and is admired by all those who report to her.

She has had a long and distinguished career with ​the ​Flight Centre ​Travel Group ​and the past few years have been no exception.

Taking out the Directors Award in 2017, below is an excerpt of what was read out during the evening:

Allisa has continued to drive and develop her nation​ this year, creating motivated and passionate people ​who deliver amazing travel experiences.
Womenwise Global
Throughout a year of massive change .. this person has re-engineered​ and redesigned their nation; ​they have driven substantial increases across profitability, productivity, NAC, CAC, as well as integrating new business​es​​. They are a leader, a mentor and a truly deserving recipient of this year’s Directors Award. Congratulations to Allisa O'Connell.
Announcement for the Directors Award in 2017

With so much leadership experience and knowledge of the core values of the company, Allisa is often asked to present on the FCTG Philosophies to newies just stating out on their Flight Centre Travel Group career. We had to, of course, ask her:

What is your favourite FCTG Philosophy and Why?

Our People
Allisa O’Connell, Group General Manager, Infinity Holidays

In FCTG our people are more than employees they are part of the family. As such we want to look after them holistically so they can perform their job at their best. We provide services to look after their health, physical and emotional, as well as their finances. We show genuine care and concern for our people so coming to work here improves all areas of your life. Working at FCTG will have tough days too, but if we have happy, capable people having fun at work, this will deliver the best results for the customer and company.

What is your favourite quote for inspiring women?

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
Eleanor Roosevelt
Allisa O'Connell

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